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As the Covid19 pandemic expands across the globe, governments, hospitals, businesses and individuals are struggling to manage the impact of the outbreak. The World Health Organisation has consistently stated that widespread testing to identify patents with the infection is key to managing the spread of the virus. However easy access to fast and reliable testing solutions has been a major challenge in most countries. Inovo Diagnostics has been working with three leading UK Universities to develop a system suitable for mass testing at the point of care or in laboratories.


Our portable diagnostics system analyses a throat swab sample taken from a patent to detect the presence of the SARS-COV-2 (Covid19) virus RNA. It is highly sensitive and able to detect the virus 2-3 days from the point of first infection, even before other symptoms show. It is also highly specific which means it is extremely unlikely to get a false positive from similar viruses, an issue which is present with many other forms of diagnostics system.

The unit is based on LAMP (loop mediated isothermal amplification) and is able to perform the sample analysis in approximately 30 mins which is two to three times faster than traditional PCR testing.

  • Point of care
  • High Sensitivity & Specificity
  • Fast around 30mins to analyze a set of samples
  • Easy to use – requires minimal preparation steps
  • Reliable – less sensitive to contaminates than effect traditional PCR techniques used on most labs today.

We have two versions of the product, the first is a portable unit with can perform 8 tests in parallel, (2 of which are controls). This is ideal of point of care use such as care homes. It is powered from the mains and has a built-in display providing clear results in a range of languages.

The second device is a system intended to be used in larger test facilities and is capable of running 96 tests in parallel. The modular design has 12 bays each of which contain 8 test tubes.

Types of testing

The Inovo test unit is a molecular diagnostics unit that detects the presence of the SARS-COV-2 (Covid19) virus. It can identify a patient infected with the virus from day 2-3 through the remaining stages of the infection. When the patient has recovered from an infection the test will no longer return a positive result. An antibody tests in contrast is not able to detect the virus until the patient’s immune response has developed, and they have started producing antibodies. This kind of test will not return a positive result until 7 or more days after being infected.

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